On each floor up to seven apartment types of different sizes can be planned. With a very flexible building system, we offer 15 different apartments that fit into an iCube.

With this flexibility, an iCube can be planned with many different apartment combinations, meeting the needs of each project.

Alternatively, the ground floor can be used commercially or as a kindergarten. ICube can also be built on pillars above existing parking spaces so that no square meter is lost.

The iCube can be planned as a temporary building and can therefore be moved to another location. The facade design is not planned from the beginning, until we know the locations. The same applies to balconies, terraces or loggias and the possible use of roof for regenerative energy or roof terraces.


The adaptability of the iCube is unlimited and diverse.

Modular construction is cost- and                 with  a high quality control due to the industrial manufacturing.


  • Each module is 4.5 x 14.0 meters or 63.0 m2 in total

  • Each iCube complex consists of 12 modules, which equates to a total of 756 m2.

  • Floor area and thus floor m2 with 3 modules is 189.

  • Width, length and height are 13.5x14.0x14.0.

  • The maximum net living space on each floor is 146m2.

  • There are a total of 15 different living arrangements.

  • Each iCube can thus be put together in +50 different variations.

  • Fire, acoustics and energy conform to European requirements

  • When the iCube is delivered to the construction site, it is 90% turnkey



Off-site production of a turnkey building

Assembly on the construction site of the prefabricated modules


100% recyclable. The iCube can also be changes to other functions or dismantled and moved to an other location.