The Challenge:

Relocating to the cities requires smaller and more affordable housing. 

The Solution:

The iCube is a micro-residential living unit with a floor area of only 13.5x14.0 m² and flexible installation, which was not always possible until now. The iCube can include anything from studio to 4-bedroom apartments. It is multi-flexible and can be tailored from project to project to meet individual needs. 

Most major cities today are confronted with an increasing housing shortage together with a rising demand for affordable prices.

The integration of the iCube modules into urban planning allows for more effective housing designs and more efficient use of available space.

With a floor space of only 189 m2, the iCube can be thoughtfully adapted to any existing architectural structure without compromising the overall environmental effect.

The iCube is a modular prefabricated unit with low energy consumption and CO2-neutral wood construction. In order to keep the design options open to local requirements, the facade and appearance can be changed from project to project.

An iCube is based on 12 turnkey large room modules with a size of 3.5x14.0 meters. The assembly only takes 2 working days. The Construction site is quiet and construction can be completed quickly without disturbing neighbors or neighborhood.